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Sources of Business for Sale listings in Arizona

As a Buyer's Broker my role is to help you locate the right business for you. The term "right" business is a complicated term.  When buying a business "Right" means finding the right business at the right price under the right terms  that match your specific needs and goals.

I do this by constantly searching hundreds of sources for the "right" business for you. That means matching your needs, experience and skill sets with the hundreds of businesses that are for sale at any given time in Arizona.

But the truth is, no matter how skilled I am at finding and matching buyers with business for sale, I always encourage my clients to keep searching the internet and newspapers for new listings. As a Buyer's Broker, in 99% of the cases I can still assist you and represent your interests in the purchase of a business, even if the business is listed with another Broker.

So take a look through the sources and let me know any listings that might be of interest. Best of all, if you find one of these businesses that seems like it might be of interest, I can represent your interests without a fee - on a co-broke arrangement with the Seller's broker just like in a residential home sale.


Online Listing Sources