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New Listing: Commercial Bakery Revenues $8 million  --- Shutter Manufacturer Revenue $5 million

Top 7 Reasons People Move to Arizona

1. The sun shines an average of 323 days a year
2. The average total annual rainfall of 7 inches is less
    than one day's rainfall in other parts of the U.S. 
3. Arizona ranks #1 in Entrepreneurship in U.S.
4. Arizona ranks in the top 10 of states that are
    "business friendly" in the U.S.
5. There are 345 golf courses in Arizona that are
    open year round
6. Less stress, less traffic, more bang for your buck
7. The Phoenix market ranks as one of the top 5
    growth markets in the U.S.

Wheatley Group of Scottsdale, Among Top Merger & Acquisitions firms in Arizona

     The Wheatley Group is a Mid-Market Merger & Acquisition firm providing strategic "cutting edge" advisory services to clients who are either selling or acquiring companies.
     The Wheatley Group's corporate offices are located  in Scottsdale, Arizona. As full time M&A professionals we represent privately held, mid-market companies and individuals. We play a proactive, hands-on role in the entire process of valuing, packaging, positioning, marketing, qualifying buyers, negotiating & closing transactions.
     Our broad experience and success is rooted in our "client oriented philosophy". Our commitment to maximize value, for our selling clients, ethically and confidentially, has been proven time and time again.

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   You've found the right business.
   Now you have to arrange financing to make your dream a reality.
   How do you choose between SBA loans, Seller Financing, Conventional bank loans, private equity funds and other sources? 

Every day thousands of businesses are for sale in Arizona. Find them today thru online listing databases.

The State of Arizona has hundreds of resources available to you as a new business owner. Learn where and how to register a trademark, find low cost loans and how to navigate the rules and regulations of local municipalities and governments.

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